Our Sessions

What to Expect?

Our initial session is an assessment where you can meet me, tell me about yourself and learn a bit more about the way I work to see if you will be comfortable in therapy with me. Our first step is to understand your needs and goals, and to develop the right approach together.

People come to therapy for many reasons. Depression, anxiety, problems with relationships, bereavement, work difficulties, stress, trauma, low self-esteem, or feeling stuck are just a few which might resonate with you. Therapy lets us look at these issues in depth in our private, weekly sessions. I hope to provide you with a warm, confidential and supportive space where you can express yourself in an open and honest manner without the worry of expectation and pressure that might come from similar discussions with family or friends.

My role is to listen, be present with you and reflect together on what comes up, help you gain awareness and make meaning of your unique situation. I will assist you in thinking about why you are feeling or behaving as you are and how a different way forward might be created.

Session Details:

I work on a short or long-term basis, guided by your needs. Initially I would suggest we meet for 6 weeks at which time we can review the work and decide whether we would like to work together for a longer period. We will agree on a specific time and day to meet each week for a 50 minute session. We can set either a specific timescale, such as 3 months, 6 months or a year, or we can leave the work open-ended. I do believe in many cases working longer term can be more effective in creating enduring change.

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